Detailed Guide Of Black Clover Arcs

Arc 1

The 1st arc has only 13 episodes released in a duration of October 3, 2017, to December 26, 2017.

The first arc of black clover shows the story of two orphan boys and Asta & Yuno raised in Hage village. They promised to compete against each other for the position of wizard king(a title given to strongest wizard in the entire kingdom). Asta cannot use magic which is a rare thing in this world on the other hand Yuno can easily wield magic.

At the age of 15 both received there Grimoire and entered magic knights squad. Asta was chosen by captain of the Black Bulls and Yuno chooses the Golden Dawn.

Arc 2 – Dungeon Exploration Arc

Out of all black clover arcs, this is the shortest one consists of only 6 episodes released in a duration of January 9, 2018, to February 13, 2018.

This arc is all about the exploration of a newly emerged dungeon at the border of Clover and Diamond Kingdom.

Asta and two other squadmates,  Noelle and Luck went to explore the dungeon. Luck quickly senses the presence of others and head that way leaving two newbies on there own. After some time they met 3 other members of golden dawn one of which is Yuno inside the same dungeon. 

Luck finally met his target which was a diamond kingdom knight and started the fight. Meanwhile, both team members try to find a path towards the centre of the

Arc 3 - Royal Capital Arc

This arc is 8 episode long. Some highlights of this arc are Magic Knight gathering, attack on royal capital, eye of the midnight sun(after the battle) etc.

Asta & Noelle are invited to an ceremony by wizard king along with other 3 members of golden dawn who were present in dungeon exploration. Asta and Yuno met wizard king and ask Julius the right
path to become the wizard king. After some time awarding ceremony started and several magic knight were promoted in there respective ranks.

During the banquet, the Royal Capital is being invaded by an army of the undead. Asta enconters the man behind the corpse army and fought him. 

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